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GLO 教练介绍 | GLO Coach Profiles


GLO FLEX & Yoga For Athletes 深度拉伸教练 :

Shirley 雪梨

  • 瑜伽联盟认证的资深瑜伽老师 Experienced Yoga Alliance 200Hr Certitifed Teacher 
  • 铁三运动员 Triathlete 

Shirley是一位瑜伽联盟认证的资深瑜伽老师,接触瑜伽是为了应对她在纽约四大会计事务所工作时的压力,她从此爱上了瑜伽。为了让更多的人认识到拉伸的重要性,Shirley辞去了当时投资银行的工作,在蒙特利尔开办了一个瑜伽馆。来到北京后,Shirley创建了GLOFLEX和Yoga for Athlete课程,会让学员通过有创意和有乐趣的体式顺序去寻找一个力量和灵活性之间的平衡。除了瑜伽之外,Shirley还热衷于旅游、游泳、骑公路车、长跑、CrossFit和倒立。Shirley她的授课语言包括英语,普通话,法语和粤语。

Shirley went to her first yoga class to deal with stress when she was working at a Big 4 firm in New York. She fell in love with yoga ever since and started a yoga studio in Montreal after quitting her Investment Banking job to promote the importance of physical flexibility and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After moving to Beijing, Shirley developed GLOFLEX and also teaches Yoga for Athlete classes to lead students through a creative and empowering sequence that offers a balance between strength and flexibility. Apart from yoga, Shirley is also passionate in traveling, swimming, cycling, running, CrosFit and going upside down. Shirley speaks English, Mandarin, French and Cantonese.

CrossFit Coach 教练: LION 王鑫

  • CrossFit一级教员 CrossFit Level 1
  • 泰诺健签约培训师 Technogym MasterTrainer
  • TriggerPoint Level 1
  • 国家二级田径运动员 National Track Athlete
  • 奥林匹克举重认证教练 Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • 哥伦比亚SNS运动营养认证 SNS Sport Nutrition Certificate
  • OneFit力量与体能训练师认证 Strength and Functional Training Certificate
  • 王卫星高级体能训练营认证训练师 Advanced Functional Training Certificate

王鑫来自陕西,CrossFit对他来说已经不再是简单的身体训练,更是一项运动一种生活方式。它可以锻炼身体强健的同时提升自己的意志力,借用CrossFit中经典一句话:Where are the machines?We are the machines.同时王鑫长时间钻研学习专项体能练和功能性训练,从小开始接触田径训练的他一直坚持要有目的有系统的去训练,那么身为教练,一切不以考虑学员根本需求的训练都是空谈。王鑫衷心的希望他能给更多的学员带来健康,带来运动表现,达到最佳的身心状态。


Lion is from Shanxi, China. CrossFit for him is no longer a simple physical training, it is a way of life: it enhances our willpower while improving our fitness level. As a Crossfitter once said, "Where are the machines? We are the machines." Lion has been studying functional training and conditioning for many years and he believes in goal-oriented and structured training. As a coach, he finds it crucial to cater to each person's specific needs and goals. At GLO, Lion hopes to bring a healthy way of living to every member of the community and help everyone to achieve their best physical and mental state.

CrossFit Coach 美女教练: Janina 叶娜

  • CrossFit一级教员 CF Level 1
  • CrossFit体操教员 CF Gymnastics
  • CrossFit举重教员 CF Weightlifting
  • NSCA-CPT(私教)证书 NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer


Janina is a fitness coach from Germany with a focus on strength and conditioning. She holds certifications in CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Weightlifting and is a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer. Janina believes that CrossFit improves everyone’s general fitness and skills in agility, speed, strength and stamina and uses these principles to fit each athlete's personal needs. She has a special interest in the Olympic Weightlifting movements and also practices boxing on a regular basis in case she ever gets into a street fight. Janina speaks English, Mandarin and German.

FLEX Coach 教练: OCEAN 海洋

  • 瑜伽联盟认证的资深瑜伽老师

海洋老师2009年开始练习瑜伽,在2014年她完成了美国Yogasworks200小时教师培训后,成为了瑜伽联盟的认证教师并开始授课。她认为,瑜伽可以唤醒我们的身体与心灵,不仅仅是身体上的伸展与加强,瑜伽可以创造和谐与安宁。海洋老师的经历包括:瑜伽苑流瑜伽教师进阶密集培训30小时,放松与修复理疗瑜伽培训30小时,It's Yoga Kids儿童瑜伽24小时教师培训。海洋老师主要在各大企业及瑜伽馆中教课(甲骨文公司、李宁体育、夏莫瑜伽馆、CrossFit GLO等)。她的授课语言包括英语,普通话。

Ocean was into yoga in 2009. After a long time of practice and graduated of Yogaworks 200hour teacher training she became a Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher in 2014. She believes yoga can enlivens and awaken our body and mind, much more than just stretching and strengthening, what we are creating in yoga are harmony and stillness. Her experiences included:Yoga Yard Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training by Robyn Wexler & Renjinsong;Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher Training by Judith Hanson Lastet;It's Yoga, Kids Teacher Training by Michelle Wing.She teaches at yoga studios, corporate and private classes (Coquelico studio, ORACLE, LINING Sports, etc) Ocean speaks English and Mandarin.

CrossFit Coach 教练: James

  • CrossFit一级教员 CrossFit Level 1
  • 军队教员 Army Trainer
  • 体操运动员 Competitive Gymnast


This is James the Chenger. He's a veteran Crossfitter since 2006. He loves working out with people. But more than working out, he desires people to be their best physically, mentally, and spiritually. Talk to him. But he's American, so although he looks like he speaks Chinese, he doesn't, he simply wears his signature shorts! Originally from Chicago, IL, James has lived all over the United States and the world; New York, Los Angeles, and even the Middle East and the Philippines. But everywhere he goes, CrossFit has always been a way to give each other what each human needs: a healthy body, a healthy community, and forming great relationships.

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