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  • Our Story | 我们的故事


    我们爱运动,爱美食,爱旅游,爱生活 |We love sports, food, travel and above all, we simply enjoy life


    我们相信健康是这一切的基础 | We believe that health is the foundation of all


    所以我们打造了一个全面性的健康生活社区: GLO | So we built a comprehensive healthy lifestyle community: GLO


    在GLO,我们一起锻炼,一起吃饭,互相启发,互相支持 ,一起寻找健康新亮点。

    At GLO, we train together, eat together; we inspire each other, support each other; and we explore the different facades of a healthy lifestyle.

  • 我们的动力。 我们的梦想。 |Our Motivations. Our Dreams.

    GLO 是全面的健康生活方式社区 | GLO : Beijing's Finest Destination for Healthy Living


    GLO的第一家体验空间位于北京CBD光华路SOHO一期, 第二家体位于北京大望路的万达广场。人们常说要想拥有健康和好身材,七分靠吃,三分靠练, 所有GLO打造了一个三层的空间,地下一层为最前沿的健身空间 CrossFit GLOW,临街的两层是对外开放的LOFT式健康厨房GLO KITCHEN, 从挑选最优质新鲜的原材料到自制的全麦面包、沙拉、三明治、酱汁、果昔、汤品,还包含素食、Vegan、原始人饮食等多种选择,均由我们来自美国的大厨悉心设计和打造.


    GLO's first concept space is located in the heart of Beijing's CBD at Guanghua Lu Soho and the second one is at Wanda Plaza around Dawanglu. Our Kitchen is located on the first floor and mezzanine and it is connected to our CrossFit box in the basement. It is a one-stop shop where you can come in for a quick lunch-workout and sweat your stress away; or hang out with new friends you meet in WOD over a healthy meal; or simply bring your kids/ dogs/ bikes in for a weekend brunch.





    GLO's founding partners are passionate in cycling, boxing, trekking, yoga, triathlons and ultra-marathons, while GLO's founding community is composed of friends from different backgrounds, countries and industries including finance, art, food&beverages, media, entertainment as well as start-up. We aren't professional athletes. We are average people like you and we simply want to invite you to experience the benefits of being part of a healthy and interesting community!





    GLO's mission is to create a friendly and safe space for our community to explore various elements of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to healthy eating and regular trainings at GLO, we would like to take you outside-the-box to experience the power of nature through trekking, cycling, skiing, race traveling, retreats, etc. Let's get together to challenge the impossibles and become a better self!



  • Kitchen | 美食

    Every creation achieves that elusive balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even smoothies.

    GLO厨房用创意、健康和美味配搭东西方口味结合的菜肴,满足顾客味蕾的同时,保留食物的最大营养价值。我们还会提供素食, 始前饮食和无奶制品的选择。当然,我们更加注重食物的功能性(增肌、轻体、营养均衡、高纤维、抗氧化等),每份菜品都注明了配料及营养成分。“健康饮食”不用高糖、高脂肪和重调味,一样能够满足味蕾!

    At GLO Kitchen, our menu is designed to maximize nutritional values of food items while satisfying the taste buds with a variety of international flavors. We cater to a variety of dietary needs: Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo and Vegetarian. Our dishes are highly functional (Muscle gain, Weight loss, Balanced Nutrition, High Fibre Content, Antioxidant, etc.) Every dish is marked with its nutritional values. Our food is healthy and delicious while avoiding sugar, MSG, processed meat or products containing additives.

  • 周餐/Meal Plan



    GLO Fresh and FIT, Once you subscribe to the one-week or one-month plans, you will not need to think about what you should eat, cook, drink anymore. This meal plan is not only healthy, flavorful but also affordable and fullfilling. GLO meal plan is aimed to make you GLO from the inside out!


    纤体周餐/GLO FRESH



    For those who simply look to clean up their diet, feel more energized throughout the day and perhaps even shed a few pounds. From our 1,200 Kcal pack and our 1,800 Kcal pack, you will get a combination of classic comfort foods and healthy dishes that’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied.

    健身达人周餐/GLO FIT



    For those who train hard and sweat their asses off. Either 1,600Kcal pack or 2,200 Kcal pack, they both are packed with protein, healthy carbs and fats to fuel your workouts.

  • 周餐营养表/Meal Plan Macros

    周餐详情/More about Meal Plan

  • CrossFit | 健身

    Every moment is filled with sweat, laughter and hard work - even in the shower.

    GLO Fitness 不同于传统健身房塑造“块状但无功用肌肉”的训练方式。我们强调以多样化、高强度的功能性训练提高核⼼和运动表现,同时配合餐饮达到最理想的塑形效果。课程既像传统的“私教”课,具备针对性、系统性和知识性,但又以小团队共同计时完成的模式提⾼趣味性和竞争性。我们不仅提供⼀个安全的空间来伸展你身体的极限,更强调于共同创造一个积极健康的生活⽅式社区.

    GLO Fitness offers CrossFit, TRX CrossCore, Rowing, Functional Training and flexibility classes that aim to bring you a balanced workout program. GLO Fitness is not only a safe space to stretch your physical and mental limits but also a fun community that takes training outdoor and explore the world by participating in different events and races together.

  • First Timers | 第一次

    在 GLO FITNESS 的大家庭里,我们深信社区的力量、多功能性的运动、高强度运动和营养食物,这些提供了我们日常的完美演出与生活的品质。我们的训练是有趣的,而且适合各个年龄层,各种身型和身体能力的各种程度。我们不是大型连锁健身集团,我们不聘请一般水准的健身教练,这里并非一堆复杂健身器材的堆放场,也不募集一堆潜水会员。我们限制课程人数,相互彼此鼓励,从不停止自我挑战。我们的任务是帮助你达到你的目标,符合你个人身心的目标。


    At GLO Fitness, we believe in the power of community, functional movements, intensity and nutrition to improve both performance and quality of life. Fitness should be accessible to all ages, sizes and ability levels. We are not a giant corporate gym. We do not hire average coaches. We are not a collection of complicated machines and anonymous members. Instead, we keep our classes small, always encourage each other with the support and guidance from our passionate and knowledgeable coaches. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

  • 踏上你在CrossFit GLO的旅程,只需要三个简单步骤
    To embark on your CrossFit GLO journey , simply follow these 3 steps:

    STEP 1: Contact us to schedule your trial class at +86 01053854961 or by email us at crossfit@gloforit.com. Scroll down for our schedule.


    STEP 2: After completing your trial class, the next step is completing our 'Foundation Course" composed of 4 sessions of 1.5 hr duration ran over week nights and weekends. Our Foundation Course prepares new athletes for their CrossFit experience in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. The course curriculum includes:

    - Upper body pulling and pushing balance

    - Bending and squatting balance

    - Lunging abilities

    - Core activation

    - A nutrition Q&A with suggested eating strategies that maximize performance and improve body composition.

    All 6 hours must be completed. These classes will be capped at 10 athletes per class. Small classes guarantee each athlete has quality coaching, on all movements to gain kinesthetic awareness and good motor patterns. Please email us to confirm a place.


    STEP 3: Choose a membership package that suits you best and WELCOME to the GLO family!

    *Please note that we offer one-on-one 'Foundation Course' if the schedule does not work with you and the fee is slightly higher.

    **If you are from another CrossFit affiliate and would like to bypass the Foundation Course, please contact us.



    Prepay ¥10,000 and Get ¥11,500 In Credit | 充 ¥10,000 送 ¥1,500

    Prepay ¥20,000 and Get ¥24,000 In Credit | 充 ¥20,000 送 ¥4,000

    *Prepaid credits can be used for both CrossFit and Kitchen products including group sessions, meals, drinks, gears, activities, boot camps, etc. | 充值账户可用于CrossFFit 和 Kitchen的诸多消费,包括健身、餐饮、服装、运动装备、会员活动等


  • Contact Us | 联系我们

    营业时间 HOURS

    周一至周五 Monday — Friday 9am — 9pm

    周六至周日 Saturday—Sunday 11am — 6pm


    Kitchen +86 10 5385 4960

    Fitness + 86 10 5385 4961

    +86 10 5385 4960/1 (光华路SOHO店)

    + 86 10 5711 2877 (大望路店)

    北京朝阳区光华路22号光华路 SOHO一期103A&B室 (7eleven旁)

    Unit 103A&B, Guanghua Lu Soho I
    22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing

    GLO1 地址 LOCATION 北京朝阳区光华路22号光华路 SOHO一期103A&B室 (7eleven旁)  Unit 103A&B, Guanghua Lu Soho I 22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing


    Unit 101, Building 7 (next to China Merchant's Bank)

    97 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

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