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  • 一起点亮人生| LET'S GLO

    在GLO,我们一起锻炼,一起吃饭,互相启发,互相支持 ,一起寻找健康新亮点 At GLO, we train together, eat together; we inspire each other, support each other; and we explore the different facades of a healthy lifestyle

  • 一起吃 Eat Together

    Every creation achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even smoothie.

  • GLO厨房是一个休闲时尚餐厅,用创意和美味的烹调⽅法配搭国中西结合的菜肴带给大家一种健康和积极的生活方式.

    它包括来自本地的新鲜沙拉和能量⾕物碗,独特自制的三明治和卷饼, 富含营养的果昔和饮料, 并提供素食, 始前饮⾷和无奶制品的选择.


    GLO Kitchen is a casual space built with passion and big hearts for a healthy & active lifestyle. Our menu is designed to maximize nutritional values of food items while satisfying the taste buds with a variety of international flavors. It includes gourmet sandwiches and wraps, fresh locally-sourced salads and energy bowls, irresistibly healthy smoothies, beverages and soups, as well as options for vegan, paleo and gluten free. On top of the GLO signature mixes, we offer over 40 fresh ingredients to build your own sandwiches and salads!

  • 一起练 Train Together

    Every moment is filled with sweat, laughter and hard work - even in shower


    CrossFit Glow 不同于传统健身房塑造“块状但无功用肌肉”的训练方式. 我们强调以多样化、高强度的功能性训练提高核⼼和运动表现,同时配合餐饮达到最理想的塑形效果.



    CrossFit GLOW offers WODs, Olympic Weightlifting, TRX, Crosscore and flexibility classes that aim to bring you a balance workout program. GLO Crossfit is not only a safe space to stretch your physical and mental limits but also a fun community that takes training outdoor and explore the world by participating in different events and races together.

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    营业时间 HOURS

    周一至周五 Monday — Friday 9am — 9pm

    周六至周日 Saturday—Sunday 11am — 6pm


    Kitchen +86 10 5385 4960 

    Fitness + 86 10 5385 4961

    北京朝阳区光华路22号光华路 SOHO一期103A&B室 (7eleven旁)

    Unit 103A&B, Guanghua Lu Soho I
    22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing

    GLO1 地址 LOCATION 北京朝阳区光华路22号光华路 SOHO一期103A&B室 (7eleven旁) Unit 103A&B, Guanghua Lu Soho I 22 Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing

    2_ 北京朝阳区建国路97号万达广场7号楼101(招生银行北侧)

    Unit 101, Building 7 (next to China Merchant's Bank)

    97 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

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